Helpless they stood witness –
horrified – humiliated.
She looked as if she had gone
a few rounds with Mike Tyson –
one eye closed – face all swollen
he beat the shit out of her,
his face dented by her nails
her frock torn;
both bleeding,
This is the time every kid
wishes not be an adult
“Run! Run Mom! Don’t let him!”
“Gonna teach you a lesson bitch!”
she screamed, they pled, he hollered.

Sixteen years ago,
she was the sort he craved for
noticed her eyes were glinting
in the glow of the cathedral
when they sold each other for a ring
vowing to – honor, cherish, protect
and love ‘til death do them apart
then he called her Beloved not Bitch
she a love-mania not a maniac,
they taught each other bodily lessons
on their unmade bed not in martial arts,
obviously, this affair is as frail as china ware.
Male-privilege – Say NO in deeds not WORDS
UNiTE to End Violence, better the world –
Let’s all help create a “Balance-for-Better.”

Copyright © 2019. Ugo Nkwoala. All rights reserved.

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