“To educate a person in the mind but not in morals is to educate a menace to society.” ― Theodore Roosevelt

“Prof.” we call him.
But he smiles with scorn
when mistakenly called ‘Mr. Lecturer ’.
He puts high-sounding three letters
after his name – a crown for diligence .

You will sooner or later be counseled
by this oracle of wisdom
“Your academic hard-work or otherwise
will make or mar your future”,
don’t believe him. That’s only half the story.

T’s not hard work or being studious
not the lass who burns the mid-night candle
or the student who aches his back or strain
his/her eyes day after day that wins the laurels of:
First-class, 2.1 or even earn a job after school.

Honors now belong to that Freshman
who can withstand Prof’s scrutiny
either at a hotel room or in his ‘oval’ office;
who gives her body as a willing text
for him to commit to his sensual memory.

Whose dignity or conscience is marred by
Ambition, Guilt, Bullying or Desperation;
who strives unwillingly but comes short again n’ again
to fend off this Tax-master –
that’s unforgiving n’ unrepentant in collecting his Bed tithe.

So…, have you paid your tithe?
He may naught be your Dean or Prof
but your pastor who promises a solution
where Jesus has failed or an employer.
Will you? …This is what every freshman should know.

© Ugo Nkwoala. 2019, All rights reserved.

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