My days are spent
sleeping, shopping, preening,
driving about town in fancy cars
and when inclined, have lavish balls
with girls and friends who have fallen for
my made-believe lifestyle and deceit.

My nights are spent “working”,
hitting the keyboard hard and furious,
making video calls and sending spam mails
as if am a playwright late on a concert
but, I’m a businessman in the truest sense.

Sometimes it feels wrong and odd,
when Stereotype calls me a Yahoo-boy;
when folks call us Internet fraudsters.
We’re self-employed stay-at-homes –
gigs with a Gmail, Facebook account,
Wi-Fi and a reliable Internet connection.

We’re no Robin Hood – we pluck from the poor;
we mug the rich – those with chests full of Greenbacks,
to the greedy, those ruled by their belly – we humble
and to the naïve like a flame igniting straw
we offer unforgettable, yet distressing experiences.

Altho’ I bear the world’s ignominious rebuke –
I am the poster child of a society that celebrates
money and easy means, more than honesty and hard work.
A country with three routes to averting poverty:
being a politician, a lying pastor or a hopeful hopeless gambler,
I’ve chosen the road not taken … my nights I spend “working”!

Copyright © Ugo Nkwoala |Spilledwoords| 2020

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