War is for the Poor

Vultures don’t feast on the caravans of the affluent
Flies and worms banquet pleasurably
On the carcasses of the vulnerable,
War is for the poor.
Guns and bullets prove their might
On the harmless bodies of the poor
Mass graves willing to embrace their bodies
War is for the poor
War does not break mighty walls to shambles
But the tent of the frail is rented to ruins
War is for the poor
The lips of the mendacious
Will sharpen propaganda
While those who tell these stories
Are hanging on flying a plane
War is for the poor
The rich can only tell their fabrication
From the armchairs
But the poor counts his loses
Amassing for themselves the spoil
The rich hides in comfort zones
In other nations, watching TVs
Counting whose head is lost
War does not sting the head that scattered the beehive
But the uncovered head of the weak it breaks
The flames of war do not consume
Those that fan the amber
But those who have come to warn their depravity
War is for the poor.

Copyright © Kelechi Josekelly Anyanwu | 2019

undefined Josekelly Kelechi Anyanwu is a young Nigerian poet, who laments over the ramshackle of African society with his faith anchored on the fact that the lost glory can only be reclaimed with the POWER OF WORDS. He is a Master's degree student of Human Resources at the University of Calabar, Nigeria.

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