Nature We Go To

Nature – ‘ts animate and inanimate beauties
we go to for comfort in distress
sympathy in sorrow, in thoughts admiration.
This poets and poetry so eloquently portray
is not even in the best of us, when all
lack instincts of ‘ts appreciation.

As children, uninstructed we gleamed in awe
colors of: butterflies, rainbows and setting sun;
today, grown-ups, our lives most exclusively passed amid
ever changin’ and challengin’ wonders of the sea and land
yet, we’re wholly insensible to Nature’s callin’.

Our capacity, our safeguard, our empathy
beauties of the earth we live in is in truth
one of the most civilized accomplishments
but more than ever, one we pay rhetoric to –
except when her maids of honor: Cyclone, Hurricane,
Earthquakes, Erosion, Eruptions, Floods, Drought and Famine
shaken our human interest.

How many shares latterly have the ill exploitations
of Nature ever had in the pleasure or painful
interests and emotions of ourselves or our friends?
What space does ‘ts conservation ever occupy
in the thousand little narratives or personal
experiences which pass every day by words
of mouth from one of us to the other?

Surely our greed, excessive gains from nature
a reason perhaps found in our worldly selfishness.
Nature – ‘ts animate and inanimate beauties,
we go to for comfort in distress
sympathy in sorrow, in thoughts admiration.

Copyright © Ugo Nkwoala | SpilledWoords | 2020
Photo by Studio Dekorasyon from Unsplash

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