Money is Only Paper

He’s mad,
if a man is after money
like a fugitive on the run.
He’s a capitalist
if he keeps it
by whatever means necessary –
ruining anyone solely for profit.

He’s a playboy
if he spends it
without a care
on booze n’ boobs.
A never-do-well
if he doesn’t get it
at the dint of his health n’ sanity.

He lacks ambition
if he doesn’t try to get it
at the expense of Honesty
and his trained conscience
but a parasite
if he gets it without working for it
like our reverenced politicians.

He’s a fool
if he accumulates it
after a lifetime of hard work n’ grace
only to endow it to vagabonds n’ squanders
but he’s wise if he knows that
God provides for our needs, not our greed;
Money is deceptive; Money is only paper.

Copyright © Ugo Nkwoala | Spilledwoords | 2020

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