I – all my father bequeathed me
were good name n’ honesty – a treasure,
so rich to pay for Tomorrow’s fare –
value beyond measure.

A bureaucrat, resorting to vile schemes
to covet commonwealth to bestow to his children
my father did not, nor did his fathers before him
they were no rascals made rich by graft.

He pleaded with me in God’s name to act the same
while I live, this virtue to my progenies bestow
but, behind closed doors, I’ve tasted
the best burger in town – cash for silence.

Bribery – sweet like honey mostly
when you’ve known poverty all your life,
a little may refresh but
too much gluts the stomach.

My lips are unclean
I now live for two reasons:
I was born,
I haven’t died yet.

Copyright © Ugo Nkwoala | | 2020

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