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Get the groove on!

Thank you – our Spilledwoords reader, for taking the time in 2020 to read us. By this gesture, you have given us the added motivation to continue our pursuit, knowing that we have a sympathetic ear to listen to our tales. You’re the reason… Continue Reading “Get the groove on!”

I am This, I am That

Rich flocks trust in money greatly, trust not. Pols crave for power mostly, crave not. Power is a beauty Time and Liberty wrinkles and devours; very much like money – an illusion. Like brine, you drink and drink you acquire and acquire accumulate and… Continue Reading “I am This, I am That”


Firm as a rock our noble martyrs stood unbending as a rod of tempered steel foreseeing the agony we (now) must feel they Necessity permitted to ignite War’s wood. Dying because they wish’d to maintain right “Strife rule in places and lands of boastful… Continue Reading “Martyrs”

Let America Be Great Again

Whites, Negros, Redmen, Immigrants – rich in courage, abundant in self-sacrifice;bright minds – God’s gift to the world to flourish civilization once again. You ‘bought’ African natives, converted themto Christians and economic machinesfounded great industries out of their servitude, andafter convulsing with Morality, set… Continue Reading “Let America Be Great Again”

About This…

Whistled at by flying British L-29 Delphins, jeered at by sky falling bombs, slashed by vicious mercenary pilots on an “operation” that maim and shred men, women, and children in a twinkle. About this tale, they say DON”T TELL. A mother beats herbare chest… Continue Reading “About This…”

May 30

1. That day – 30th ‘o May a day like any other with worried emotions Mama call’d – at Head Bridge, her son has been nabb’d. 2. With rifle butts, they beat him till his handsome face was a mess “Stupid boy!Bloody civilian!” They… Continue Reading “May 30”

Butcher Boys

9am, January of ‘66the devil in that mob was real.A coup of 5 Majors – a plotby ambitious Igbos of the Eastto dismantle democracy – a disguise. With matchsticks and gasoline, machetes and daggers lootin’, slittin’ guts, burnin’ homes choppin’ off limbs, dissectin’ wombs… Continue Reading “Butcher Boys”


They say about this time 50 months ago Boko boys own half of this town with brute-will, they spread fear and death. They had everything a monarch could ask of: Power, Territory and Wealth (even choice girls from Chibok without paying a dowry). Drunk… Continue Reading “Metele”

A Land, A Place

I come from a land A place of the living dead A land of the hungry and dying A place of so many wars A land where ignorance rents all. “Brother, give me life!” Am heartbroken – chained by infirmities “I’ll redeem you, am… Continue Reading “A Land, A Place”


Am a mushroom they keep me in the dark and feed me with trash without protest – without rancor I’ve accepted my fate in this rich and unfruitful garden garbage is good for nourishment darkness essential to my survival. Gardener – am that morel… Continue Reading “Mushroom”