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Hearing Voices

His Counsel

Lad! Remember that no man ought to forgeta child’s tender youth is like tempering of waxapt to receive form – discipline before affectionmix threats with a fair look, manner with wit. A potter fashions his lay when it’s softa sparrow taught to come when… Continue Reading “His Counsel”

Louder Than a Riot

© Ugo Nkwoala | | 2020

A Clergyman’s Prayer

O for wisdom, not possessed,to understand the whims of man –to analyze his mind and heartand then try to control his hand. O for wisdom, not possessed,to cleanse this creature’s thoughts of hate –to make of him a foe of warbefore he makes that… Continue Reading “A Clergyman’s Prayer”


Thanks to my wife, family, and friends for the many gifts of love, support, and appreciation. For taking the time – to regularly read us or visit this site, we are immensely grateful to you for the time you have invested in reading what… Continue Reading “Busted”

Before You Click

Believe me! He is real; but, she doesn’t exist.On your screen, her photo – a deliberate fabricationakin to the menace of malware and Photoshopmanipulated by a jackass in O-Town1 with ill intentis not your moonshot cure to midlife’s loneliness. Her gestures – a sham… Continue Reading “Before You Click”


Dear JanuaryIt was reassuring to hear February at last goneunprecedented, March changed everythingwith an all-pervasive sense of uncertaintyApril’s fear and anxiety took a while to registereclipsing an entire year. Au fait?For once, we were threadbare,our verity of being in control, having conquered Mars,and sequenced… Continue Reading “20/21”

My Crush

The girl on the billboard staring at melong hair, cone wrought bust, curvy built,her clothes stylish – flawlessly tailored;a skirt brief as a wink, long shapely legs,black leather lace-ups with high heels. She looks prettier than she did twenty years agowhen I went to… Continue Reading “My Crush”