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Hearts, like doors, will ope with easeTo very, very little keys,And don’t forget that two of theseAre “I thank you” and “If you please.” Come when you’re called,Do what you’re bid,Close the door after you,Never be chid. Seldom “can’t,”Seldom “don’t;”Never “shan’t,”Never “won’t.” © Anonymous… Continue Reading “Etiquette”

Give Me a Pen and Paper

Give me a pen and paper;leave me the restand words will spill outwithout pre-plan andimprint themselves on a page or two. Give me air and space;watch those words spring upbreathing with lifestories learned, dreams fulfilledplaces traveled, experiences earned. Give me strength and courage;release me… Continue Reading “Give Me a Pen and Paper”

An Undone Homework

Good God! I’m like an undone homeworkSubmitted to a tutor by an anxious pupilWho over the weekend had triedYet failed to make headway.Teacher– would you spank me?Mock, flatter, or encourage your pupil?Solve me for me, oh Lord.Or teach me how to do me betterThat… Continue Reading “An Undone Homework”

Think of It!

This poem was written in a dingy room at a sober hour, reflecting on his mother and her tragic death. The author – without a doubt was the most influential character of the twentieth century; more prominent than Lenin, Stain, or Mao Tse Tung,… Continue Reading “Think of It!”


I recall you told mewhen we talked over the air,you would come to see me like a VIP.At Nekede, I’ve with fanfarebeen planning what to show you:an umbrella tree, a bloom here,a crooked path there; yonder a groveclose to it a wellspring, on this… Continue Reading “Nekede”


My Flower

Dear Irony

IDear Irony, “Tell me, my goddess.”What numbers have you laid sway?Is it the Wise – who derides Folly?Or the ridiculed who derides his mocker –“In all his insight and contemplative devote he isa maverick proclaiming without any result his knowinglike a parched lost vagabond… Continue Reading “Dear Irony”

Grass Snake

Had there been no green in him one would not have thoughtHim to have been envenomed, but starting back from theDarting of this virid twister, one forgets at leastFor a moment that there is no question of his virulence here.His color is drawn from… Continue Reading “Grass Snake”

I am a Fading Light