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Give Me a Pen and Paper

Give me a pen and paper;leave me the restand words will spill outwithout pre-plan andimprint themselves on a page or two. Give me air and space;watch those words spring upbreathing with lifestories learned, dreams fulfilledplaces traveled, experiences earned. Give me strength and courage;release me… Continue Reading “Give Me a Pen and Paper”

Ragged Old Flag

I walked through a county courthouse squareOn a park bench an old man was sitting thereI said, your old courthouse is kinda run downHe said, naw, it’ll do for our little townI said, your old flagpole has leaned a little bitAnd that’s a ragged… Continue Reading “Ragged Old Flag”

Dear Irony

IDear Irony, “Tell me, my goddess.”What numbers have you laid sway?Is it the Wise – who derides Folly?Or the ridiculed who derides his mocker –“In all his insight and contemplative devote he isa maverick proclaiming without any result his knowinglike a parched lost vagabond… Continue Reading “Dear Irony”


an Entrepreneur

Oh, Joe

Judge Melchizedek

Melchizedek – as he was popularly known sat on a dais above his finger happy clerk and his chattering typewriter, silent and inscrutable behind large reading glasses as proceedings at Court 12 progressed slowly. “You see those dark glasses he wears, they are magnifiers.… Continue Reading “Judge Melchizedek”

I am North

I am NorthI run from the far Saharathrough the Sahelian Kanoto the fertile lands of Benue I am NorthA spring of wisdomI fed the brave SardaunaAnd the eloquent Tafawa I am NorthA home to the HausasThe Fulanis and KanurisBeroms, Tivs and Idomas I am… Continue Reading “I am North”

Hearing Voices

A Clergyman’s Prayer

O for wisdom, not possessed,to understand the whims of man –to analyze his mind and heartand then try to control his hand. O for wisdom, not possessed,to cleanse this creature’s thoughts of hate –to make of him a foe of warbefore he makes that… Continue Reading “A Clergyman’s Prayer”