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Remember Me



  Nigeria! My strange native land, by a well-worn building, under a tattered Green-white stripe that looks like your flag, I heard hums in good voices, in innocence your young bloods of kindergarten age pledge with might to – serve, honour and protect strives… Continue Reading “Nigeria”


Land of beauty. Land of the beautiful. Land of our fathers – valiant men n’ women Land of dreamers, who dreamt big for our land, for our people. Land of dreams that have turned pipe dreams Land of promise. Land of promise breakers Land… Continue Reading “Paradox”


You’ve dug a hole in me lesser in depth than Abyss. Leveraging I thought I was when I sought your solace. You’ve slept with me more as a pest than a jolly bedfellow your arms more gripping n’ forceful than a lover’s caress. You’ve… Continue Reading “Debt”






I find it to inspire when I Sniff, Inhale n’ Puff it introduces me to great friends, helps me take a seat among nobles. My mouth opens to speak wisely and to sing verses; it is good for ‘I wannabe’ talks, better for courting… Continue Reading “SNIFF, INHALE N’ PUFF”



Take It Slow

Take it slow haste makes waste lie makes die that which grows fast withers easily, that which grows slowly

A System

A System – that ignores its duty ‘o: care, protection and justice but preys on its citizens. Self-serving pols with a devilish trade – ‘winner-takes-it-all looser-tears-it-down’, loot us dry, run abroad from death that can catch them anywhere.