About Us

Thanks for stopping by. Spilledwoords is a site dedicated to capturing the everyday experiences of being human via poetry, fiction, and non-fiction. We thrive at employing creative writing in revealing all aspects of humanity, be it social, the bizarre, or political. Find us on Facebook @spilledwoords or Twitter @spilledwoords.

Do you care for the world to read you?

Don’t let your work(s) gathered dust; writing as an endeavor amounts to nothing if it merely decorates the cabinet which holds it hostage. Submit your original spill of words to info.spilledwoords@gmail.com. (Note: The caption of your work should be the title of the email sent as a Word document). If you’d prefer to remain anonymous, please indicate that in your submission.
When you’re submitting a work that you’ve previously posted on your blog, please do not include the links. Cut and paste the text into the body of your email.

We look forward to reading from you shortly.

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