sniff girl

I find it to inspire when I Sniff, Inhale n’ Puff
it introduces me to great friends, helps me
take a seat among nobles. My mouth opens
to speak wisely and to sing verses; it is good
for ‘I wannabe’ talks, better for courting maids,
best for wishful thinking and laboring hands.
So also it can carry you far, far away from sanity
far, far into dreamland, when if you eventually wake,
creeps your body, overwhelms your mind,
infecting you with vain ambition and mock reality.
When you relive the losses, failures, and broken hopes,
it brings back memories, memories you’d fain forget,
flashbacks of lost causes squandered fortunes.
My advice, in brief: “It profits not a man. Don’t insinuate
some self-righteous believe they’ve got a ‘Right’ or Duty
to prevent an intelligent, peaceful n’ free-thinking adult
from pursuing their craving, from being his Nature
No! No man, law, or opinion has that right,
but many have gone six feet under or nuts, families ruined.
Oh, Man of unencumbered will, let not this SNIFF, INHALE N’ PUFF
wrap your thinking or reduce you to Junk – to Beer Bottle Bird Brain.

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Take It Slow


Take it slow
haste makes waste
lie makes die
that which grows fast
withers easily,
that which grows slowly Read More

Dear God

thank you

Dear God, of all the many
presents you give, none is less
but more importantly is your love
which you give to me unselfishly
– a strayed infant child. Read More

You Say ‘M Ugly

you say am ugly1

A System


A System –
that ignores its duty ‘o:
care, protection and justice
but preys on its citizens.
Self-serving pols
with a devilish trade –
loot us dry, run abroad from death
that can catch them anywhere. Read More

Pillow Talk


When lately have you said –
“I love you”.
I’ve had gentlemen aplenty
lovers by their score
and feverish rakes Read More

New Breed


Who are we,
sons of our father?
Or a new breed – a people few cheat
to detain power, empty treasuries
while many are docile, unconcern’d
to expose injustice and fraud? Read More

Towards Home


Life is brief – unbelievably brief,
yet each days’ journey seem
a long trek towards home.

On this rough and steep road
that stretches broad and far
there are many travelers, co-hikers.

Few are real friends, many thieves, others unthankful,
rapes happen too often on this highway
not just to women, but more to men.

So also are many check-points
where you buy your way often
in want – in tears – in grief.

But I’ve learned a waitin’ attitude
to not jump on trains while they’re movin’
to wait for the next, than to lose a leg
on this brief journey towards home.

Copyright © 2018. Ugo Nkwoala. All rights reserved.