Towards Home


Life is brief – unbelievably brief,
yet each days’ journey seem
a long trek towards home.

On this rough and steep road
that stretches broad and far
there are many travelers, co-hikers.

Few are real friends, many thieves, others unthankful,
rapes happen too often on this highway
not just to women, but more to men.

So also are many check-points
where you buy your way often
in want – in tears – in grief.

But I’ve learned a waitin’ attitude
to not jump on trains while they’re movin’
to wait for the next, than to lose a leg
on this brief journey towards home.

Copyright © 2018. Ugo Nkwoala. All rights reserved.


mugu 1

She’s an ‘I-Love-You’
that consumes me, deludes me
my head is in her cunt,
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I’ll Ne’er Die


Inanimate, yet an immortal
I speak without speakin’
needs no batteries, ne’er crashes
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I am; I am


My father’s son I am; I am hard to repress
from a distance you’ll without doubt
pick me out from a multitude
even before you engage me
before I open my mouth to speak. Read More

A Word


When we were teens, less than 20
desperately innocent, full of wonder
a word was rarely utter’d at dinner. Read More

What’s A Poem?

Chinua Achebe – Poet & Novelist

What’s a poem?
Is it witty word play,
phrases or sentences that
are stripped prose meant
to be insightful, arrayed
in stanzas and verses,
that at times its theme seem
puzzling or incomprehensible to a reader?
– Yes, but not this alone.

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Spill Words


Restlessly, relentlessly
I roam in the dark
unable to sleep, too excited
by thoughts in my heart and head. Read More