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Nothing works against the successof a scheme so much as a wish to makeit wholly secured n’ sure to succeed.Such an attempt requires many men,much time and very favorable conditions;these heighten the risk of being discovered –how daring, how O dangerous!Yes, Conspiracy has a… Continue Reading “Conspiracy”


Helter-skelter in the cityThe mall strangely in disarray –Smashed windows, ransacked shelves. Citizen: “Liberty! Liberty is in town. It’s a protest!”Government: “No, no, Citizen! Be on your guard!Law and Order now cower at your feet, too timid to act.” Soldiers, to the street! Forward… Continue Reading “Helter-skelter”

In My Lifetime

In my lifetimeI may not see youbecome that I earnestly wish. In their opinionwe were monkeys livin’ on tressbefore they came and made us men. We’re a conquered nation –the wandering Jews of Africa, butin my viewpoint – I‘m the hope of Africa. As… Continue Reading “In My Lifetime”


Today at 59, I sing of the beauty of Nigeria without the bickering of tribe without the malice of a map – no Muslim north, no Christian south no Igbo resentment, no Yoruba stereotype nor Hausa/Fulani ‘Born-to-Rule’ hypothesis. I sing of a country free… Continue Reading “@59”

Election Day

If Election day is tomorrow Ms. Radio Announcer, Mr. Electoral Umpire do me the favour of tellin’ him to come another day. I’ve not delivered on my many promises nor ‘ve I paid my vows to eradicate Bribery & Boko Haram nor answer’d that… Continue Reading “Election Day”

Let America Be Great Again

Whites, Negros, Redmen, Immigrants – rich in courage, abundant in self-sacrifice;bright minds – God’s gift to the world to flourish civilization once again. You ‘bought’ African natives, converted themto Christians and economic machinesfounded great industries out of their servitude, andafter convulsing with Morality, set… Continue Reading “Let America Be Great Again”

Butcher Boys

9am, January of ‘66the devil in that mob was real.A coup of 5 Majors – a plotby ambitious Igbos of the Eastto dismantle democracy – a disguise. With matchsticks and gasoline, machetes and daggers lootin’, slittin’ guts, burnin’ homes choppin’ off limbs, dissectin’ wombs… Continue Reading “Butcher Boys”

A Land, A Place

I come from a land A place of the living dead A land of the hungry and dying A place of so many wars A land where ignorance rents all. “Brother, give me life!” Am heartbroken – chained by infirmities “I’ll redeem you, am… Continue Reading “A Land, A Place”


  Nigeria! My strange native land, by a well-worn building, under a tattered Green-white stripe that looks like your flag, I heard hums in good voices, in innocence your young bloods of kindergarten age pledge with might to – serve, honour and protect strives… Continue Reading “Nigeria”


Land of beauty. Land of the beautiful. Land of our fathers – valiant men n’ women Land of dreamers, who dreamt big for our land, for our people. Land of dreams that have turned pipe dreams Land of promise. Land of promise breakers Land… Continue Reading “Paradox”