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The Thing about Stepmothers

Handcuffs can’t their immoral pursuits deterLike professional secretaries to first world executivesWhose short skirts, tight pants, juicy thighs conceive nothing but rape –their stairway to climb the highest corporate rungSome Stepmothers stop at nothing to gain financial freedom. Portifa’s wife-like women –My son befriend… Continue Reading “The Thing about Stepmothers”

Anger is a Starving Beast —

Anger is a starving beastHer place will forever be above youShe consumes weaknessShe feeds from defeatShe thrives when you submitShe dines on fearBitterness is a gluttonous fiendHer appetite is insatiableShe finds little nourishment in affectionShe ravishes discontentShe feasts on the broken spiritShe pushes you… Continue Reading “Anger is a Starving Beast —”

Tell me, will you?

Women want more interested in intimacy than in sex.

This whole goddam businessof what you call intimacybugs the hell out of me.I wish I can understandplainly what women meanwhen they talk about it. Lizzy complains that I don’t talk,it isn’t talking she wants nor roger‘cos ours is so good; she ain’ttoo quiet during… Continue Reading “Tell me, will you?”