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Thanks to my wife, family, and friends for the many gifts of love, support, and appreciation. For taking the time – to regularly read us or visit this site, we are immensely grateful to you for the time you have invested in reading what… Continue Reading “Busted”

My July Baby Boy

Whose eyes like bulbs shine ever so brightHas learned to weave lines of joyTo illuminate the lines of poetry, with no fright. My journey with joyous lines was begun at fourteenWith poetry and prose; drama my first choiceBeating me to it, he’d left my… Continue Reading “My July Baby Boy”


Tis over – the pandemic. Few have survivedso many old friends, far too many gone.After a long while, I make a return to Ward 9. Whom shall I fraternize? With whom am I to sharethe melancholic joy that ‘m still living?Yet, that ventilator still… Continue Reading “WARD 9”


My thoughts sit alone upon a stilein blaze and breeze, in sober and sorrowvanishing moment by moment, fadinguntil to my gaze, you were a spot;unintended you stole the smile I had longhid inside – the one I was saving for you. Am in reminiscent… Continue Reading “AFUZE”