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Another Wreck

Again they’ve refloated another wreck – Obigbo;shy men of culture with a deep hatredthey consider themselves patriots, statesmen,devout Muslim, intellectuals, earnest Christiansbut they look on with folded hands. That’s why you saw me: massacred in Asaba – ’67,beheaded by fanatics in 2002 as George… Continue Reading “Another Wreck”

In My Lifetime

In my lifetimeI may not see youbecome that I earnestly wish. In their opinionwe were monkeys livin’ on tressbefore they came and made us men. We’re a conquered nation –the wandering Jews of Africa, butin my viewpoint – I‘m the hope of Africa. As… Continue Reading “In My Lifetime”


9ja, my 9ja you’re dear to me as a homeland but I know you’ll not be truly mine until Justice is done. Are you still that country my proud forebears fought vehemently for at Independence? Sang at dinner tables, in Town halls, that you’ll… Continue Reading “9ja”


Firm as a rock our noble martyrs stood unbending as a rod of tempered steel foreseeing the agony we (now) must feel they Necessity permitted to ignite War’s wood. Dying because they wish’d to maintain right “Strife rule in places and lands of boastful… Continue Reading “Martyrs”

May 30

1. That day – 30th ‘o May a day like any other with worried emotions Mama call’d – at Head Bridge, her son has been nabb’d. 2. With rifle butts, they beat him till his handsome face was a mess “Stupid boy!Bloody civilian!” They… Continue Reading “May 30”

Butcher Boys

9am, January of ‘66the devil in that mob was real.A coup of 5 Majors – a plotby ambitious Igbos of the Eastto dismantle democracy – a disguise. With matchsticks and gasoline, machetes and daggers lootin’, slittin’ guts, burnin’ homes choppin’ off limbs, dissectin’ wombs… Continue Reading “Butcher Boys”


Land of beauty. Land of the beautiful. Land of our fathers – valiant men n’ women Land of dreamers, who dreamt big for our land, for our people. Land of dreams that have turned pipe dreams Land of promise. Land of promise breakers Land… Continue Reading “Paradox”