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I am a Fading Light

Hymn to Eve


She stands at akimbo at the public square unapologetic, unclothed n’ carefree. Fat she may be but conceals not her bulk beneath long clothes feeling it wimples n’ veils. She’s tit-plump, her bump in the backyard gorgeously round n’ contoured like a mountain. The… Continue Reading “GIRL AT THE PUBLIC SQUARE”

Morning Ritual

On another Mary-kay morning ritual looking at the reflection she now acknowledges as hers – a gorgeous frame this six digit investment in body beauty is the anatomy she prayed God to be born with. “Someday Beauty will break its spell until then,” says… Continue Reading “Morning Ritual”

Tell Me I’m Beautiful

Tell me I’m beautiful and I’ll spare your face from being furrowed with tears. I’ll multiple your joy bountifully. Tell me I’m beautiful and I’ll open my doorway for you to walk in and explore the mystery that’s me. Tell me I’m beautiful and… Continue Reading “Tell Me I’m Beautiful”


Once that babe, Ada loved me till I thought my heart was gonna burst used to spend in her embraces nights of passion, nights of lust. All because she indulged me with those laughing lips of hers all because she had offerings of what… Continue Reading “Ada”