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Hearing Voices


I – all my father bequeathed mewere good name n’ honesty – a treasure,so rich to pay for Tomorrow’s fare –value beyond measure. A bureaucrat, resorting to vile schemesto covet commonwealth to bestow to his childrenmy father did not, nor did his fathers before… Continue Reading “Inheritance”

Money is Only Paper

He’s mad,if a man is after moneylike a fugitive on the run.He’s a capitalistif he keeps itby whatever means necessary –ruining anyone solely for profit. He’s a playboyif he spends itwithout a careon booze n’ boobs.A never-do-wellif he doesn’t get itat the dint of… Continue Reading “Money is Only Paper”

A Sermon

7 Social Sins there are:Wealth without work.Pleasure without conscience.Knowledge without character.Commerce without morality.Science without humanity.Worship without sacrifice.Politics without principle. Copyright © Frederick Lewis Donaldson |1925 Frederick Lewis Donaldson (1860-1953) was an Anglican priest, well known as the Red Vicar of St Mark’s Leicester, and… Continue Reading “A Sermon”


Your hate n’ anger,your prejudice n’ cynicismleave it at the door. Unlike Elijah the seernone of us is getting outof this spin-on ball alive,so treat yourself as a rare gift. It is awesome to be human –be amazed by the warm sun,be entertained by… Continue Reading “Caretaker”

The Gospel…

Happy are you o man, who finds meYour paths of inquiry into my abode not withstandingFor I answer everything you call meHave done so with no iota of my wits bending. Happy you are if you house me in your roomI am money, I… Continue Reading “The Gospel…”


Someone tapped on my panehe was either a neighbour or guestbut all I saw was a reflection in pain;the man in the window-glass professed:“Remember Matthew 7:12, chum!” Untidy bed, in repose, eyes vain,breasts spread, legs slayed – another man’s zest.My conscience resonates, telling me:… Continue Reading “MATTHEW 7:12”




I find it to inspire when I Sniff, Inhale n’ Puff it introduces me to great friends, helps me take a seat among nobles. My mouth opens to speak wisely and to sing verses; it is good for ‘I wannabe’ talks, better for courting… Continue Reading “SNIFF, INHALE N’ PUFF”