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I’m Me Again

I’m Me againBirthing days are overMy tommy – almost flatWith face caked with potty.I’m still young. I’m Me againFirst, I prime my face, conceal itThen with a foundation, again I find itAs if it were lost in the first placeFriends tell me, I’m still… Continue Reading “I’m Me Again”

O Woman

“O woman,father says natural is beautifulso why do you redden your cheeksand blacken your eyes?Why do you remove the hair on your legsand draw them into your brows?Why do you hold your breathlest your stomach showand hold your fartlest they knowthat you’re a human?… Continue Reading “O Woman”


Once that babe, Ada loved me till I thought my heart was gonna burst used to spend in her embraces nights of passion, nights of lust. All because she indulged me with those laughing lips of hers all because she had offerings of what… Continue Reading “Ada”