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Dear JanuaryIt was reassuring to hear February at last goneunprecedented, March changed everythingwith an all-pervasive sense of uncertaintyApril’s fear and anxiety took a while to registereclipsing an entire year. Au fait?For once, we were threadbare,our verity of being in control, having conquered Mars,and sequenced… Continue Reading “20/21”

something someday…

My teenage son,my neighbour’s mother lie prostratewrithed by stark hunger,waylaid by a Chinese virus.Either way the outcome is certain – death. Staying at home is easy if you’ve gota storehouse of food,a full shelf of books to read,a humming box to make voltage that… Continue Reading “something someday…”


Tis over – the pandemic. Few have survivedso many old friends, far too many gone.After a long while, I make a return to Ward 9. Whom shall I fraternize? With whom am I to sharethe melancholic joy that ‘m still living?Yet, that ventilator still… Continue Reading “WARD 9”

A Nightingale Sings…