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I Don’t Want a Marked Pit

Burnt on the pyre or buried to decompose in time whether am all bones or ashes I wish to be laid to rest quietly, peacefully, content, and courteously I don’t want a monument, a headstone or a marked pit. Let my dead bones that… Continue Reading “I Don’t Want a Marked Pit”

Teach Me …

Teach me how to number my daysso that I may live todaynot as a bubble but fully. Teach me how to love lifeso that hourly I may composemyself to the remembrance of my maker. Teach me before my last bowthe A-B-C of transforming to… Continue Reading “Teach Me …”


Should I worry?

Oluwatoyin Salau, 19-year-old, a Nigerian-American Black Lives Matter Protester from Tallahasse found dead after a sexual assault.

something someday…

My teenage son,my neighbour’s mother lie prostratewrithed by stark hunger,waylaid by a Chinese virus.Either way the outcome is certain – death. Staying at home is easy if you’ve gota storehouse of food,a full shelf of books to read,a humming box to make voltage that… Continue Reading “something someday…”


Tears! I was told I ne’er let a drop from my bent brows, but not at times like this. I was told I ne’er raised a cloak to veil my eyes but not to him I vex my weeping heart for. Who to that… Continue Reading “Ediongse”

Weep Not For Me

1. Weep not for me, dwelling of my repose monument of my vain hope for immortality now that Life’s swift journey is over my part is done, with open arms make my inanimate clay – an inevitable gain of your purchase welcome. 2. I… Continue Reading “Weep Not For Me”

All Mankind

All mankind is of – one author, one volume, when one surely demise one chapter isn’t torn out of this book but translated into a higher language, deeper meaning. Every chapter must be so translated, keenly studied; God employs several tacts some piece by… Continue Reading “All Mankind”

I am

I am of a constitution so general;it consorts and sympathizes with none nor does it behold with prejudice. I reign in all portions of Man’s hour in all his charms, in all his trivial. I meet all everywhere at my biding and enters in… Continue Reading “I am”

Come to Me

This week as I bury my great aunt and uncle who both were in their 90’s I can only say to DEATH to come to me when… Come to menot till I’m greyglory-richand accomplished; not until I’ve had my fillof Love, exhausted blisscurdl’d all… Continue Reading “Come to Me”