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Grass Snake

Had there been no green in him one would not have thoughtHim to have been envenomed, but starting back from theDarting of this virid twister, one forgets at leastFor a moment that there is no question of his virulence here.His color is drawn from… Continue Reading “Grass Snake”


1A freshman – his parents willed so,An opportunity they longed for but ne’er had.Quest for a degree – a habit of our society,A serious-minded boy he was –His mother’s joy, his father’s insurance policy;Four years was the planned tenure at the citadel. 2“Bring pennants… Continue Reading “Frat”


There are four of us in the room: I,the half-filled palm wine keg, Dada and God – the uninvited, unseen and entertained guest. “Keep friends only for friendship Be wary, they betray quickly and are easily aroused to envy; you’ve more to fear from… Continue Reading “Dada”