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America First

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War is for the Poor

Vultures don’t feast on the caravans of the affluentFlies and worms banquet pleasurablyOn the carcasses of the vulnerable,War is for the poor.Guns and bullets prove their mightOn the harmless bodies of the poorMass graves willing to embrace their bodiesWar is for the poorWar does… Continue Reading “War is for the Poor”

I’m a citizen


Am a mushroom they keep me in the dark and feed me with trash without protest – without rancor I’ve accepted my fate in this rich and unfruitful garden garbage is good for nourishment darkness essential to my survival. Gardener – am that morel… Continue Reading “Mushroom”


Land of beauty. Land of the beautiful. Land of our fathers – valiant men n’ women Land of dreamers, who dreamt big for our land, for our people. Land of dreams that have turned pipe dreams Land of promise. Land of promise breakers Land… Continue Reading “Paradox”