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Election Day

If Election day is tomorrow Ms. Radio Announcer, Mr. Electoral Umpire do me the favour of tellin’ him to come another day. I’ve not delivered on my many promises nor ‘ve I paid my vows to eradicate Bribery & Boko Haram nor answer’d that… Continue Reading “Election Day”

I am This, I am That

Rich flocks trust in money greatly, trust not. Pols crave for power mostly, crave not. Power is a beauty Time and Liberty wrinkles and devours; very much like money – an illusion. Like brine, you drink and drink you acquire and acquire accumulate and… Continue Reading “I am This, I am That”


Am a mushroom they keep me in the dark and feed me with trash without protest – without rancor I’ve accepted my fate in this rich and unfruitful garden garbage is good for nourishment darkness essential to my survival. Gardener – am that morel… Continue Reading “Mushroom”