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Love Is a Child

Love is a child; it beliefs fairy tales –pleasantries, fantasies, and happy endings.Love is a believer; it blots out reasoninflicts its wounds with unfathomable sensibilityafoot, light-headed it condones deceits’ daring –you can make a man out of an ape.A Rake; can be reformed to… Continue Reading “Love Is a Child”

Tell me, will you?

Women want more interested in intimacy than in sex.

This whole goddam businessof what you call intimacybugs the hell out of me.I wish I can understandplainly what women meanwhen they talk about it. Lizzy complains that I don’t talk,it isn’t talking she wants nor roger‘cos ours is so good; she ain’ttoo quiet during… Continue Reading “Tell me, will you?”

How many….

How many handsome opportunitieshave passed ne’er to returnwhile I was having a sip –a social glass with a friend? How many foolish bargainshave been struck ne’er to revertunder the influence of a sparkling cup,which made me bounce with the carefreehappiness of a big game… Continue Reading “How many….”

2 am

2 am; wild awake, in this vast house possessed with echoes, I can hear still your words in the stillness of the night. On this empty bed loneliness now dwell where you took my innocence, I now recount our affair – loud and fierce.… Continue Reading “2 am”