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An Undone Homework

Good God! I’m like an undone homeworkSubmitted to a tutor by an anxious pupilWho over the weekend had triedYet failed to make headway.Teacher– would you spank me?Mock, flatter, or encourage your pupil?Solve me for me, oh Lord.Or teach me how to do me betterThat… Continue Reading “An Undone Homework”

A Clergyman’s Prayer

O for wisdom, not possessed,to understand the whims of man –to analyze his mind and heartand then try to control his hand. O for wisdom, not possessed,to cleanse this creature’s thoughts of hate –to make of him a foe of warbefore he makes that… Continue Reading “A Clergyman’s Prayer”

Dark Clouds

Dark clouds hover over us latelyone of such has cleared – Iberiberism.When we were about to enjoy blue skies again,another cloud sets in – Hopeism. With faith borne out of decades of resiliencein due time this too will clear“How can you be confident about… Continue Reading “Dark Clouds”


Good, God!

Good, God! A word was once saidof your persecuted devotees – Christians:“Faith and virtue runs in their tribe”;conmen now man churches, they’vesold your Jesus for a new master – MoneyNaira is now Alpha and Omegacommerce, mega domes n’ elegant altersis now fad – the… Continue Reading “Good, God!”


Life’s sores have been aroundStill will till Christ comes back to go no moreHowever we might care to wish it awayShe still runs wild with no care Some stalk, then forcefully pounce-Certain ones saunter or crawl by,Tearing up flesh; others harvesting man’s defense.Even if… Continue Reading “SORES”


Don’t ever let your soul stay idle, Don’t let it loaf its time away! The soul is duty-bound to labour Both day and night, both night and day. Give it no respite and no mercy, Drive it along with fist and goad Through wildernesses,… Continue Reading “DON’T EVER …”

Daddy’s Girl

My wife, the whip and I had inculcated in her virtuousness; Amanda – my unworldly daughter kept at it with such devotion, that shames a saint. On pretense, Fred and I my comrade in Eros would prowl in search of teenage girls bubbling with… Continue Reading “Daddy’s Girl”

Don’t Believe

Don’t believe at face-value anything written in that sacred collection Don’t be certain of anything in that book spoken or rumored. Don’t have faith in it merely on the convictions of your parents and teachers. Nor believe in its potency because generations have handed… Continue Reading “Don’t Believe”

Dear God

Dear God, of all the many presents you give, none is less but more importantly is your love which you give to me unselfishly – a strayed infant child.