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My Crush

The girl on the billboard staring at melong hair, cone wrought bust, curvy built,her clothes stylish – flawlessly tailored;a skirt brief as a wink, long shapely legs,black leather lace-ups with high heels. She looks prettier than she did twenty years agowhen I went to… Continue Reading “My Crush”

Don’t Fall in Love…

Don’t fall in love with a womanwho feels too much in her bosom,not petty, gossipy, or irritatedsure of herself – educated. Don’t fall in love with a woman, sort ofwho cries her heart out when making love,whose passion is intense – unabatedknows how to… Continue Reading “Don’t Fall in Love…”


1A freshman – his parents willed so,An opportunity they longed for but ne’er had.Quest for a degree – a habit of our society,A serious-minded boy he was –His mother’s joy, his father’s insurance policy;Four years was the planned tenure at the citadel. 2“Bring pennants… Continue Reading “Frat”

You’re words…