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I Don’t Want a Marked Pit

Burnt on the pyre or buried to decompose in time whether am all bones or ashes I wish to be laid to rest quietly, peacefully, content, and courteously I don’t want a monument, a headstone or a marked pit. Let my dead bones that… Continue Reading “I Don’t Want a Marked Pit”

Public Opinion

Queer, tender, ecstatic like lovemaking,her warm breath brew flames between my thighsextinguishing my consciousness before the wake of dawn. I am a monster, she’s a scum(so they say) –two lovers of the same gender. Generations before our fathers –custodians of our culture called it… Continue Reading “Public Opinion”

DNA Father

She is, without doubt, home freethe wife of a ‘greener-pasture-seeker’ overseas –men who have chosen to leavethis country than stay home and pay tithesagainst their will to an episcopal curate – Poverty. With a legitimate ring on her fingerhe has yoked her to his… Continue Reading “DNA Father”


Although the ports at the momentmay have lost their bustle and urgencyand the roar of airplanes at the tarmac silent and idle,very much like empty stands at soccer stadia in Italy,spectators and gladiators locked-down by an unseen foe. Although the chattering of voices,blasting of… Continue Reading “I AWAIT”

The Long White Gown

It says a lot – this long white gown;Straight, fully flowing, A-Lined maybe Fit n’ Flare.“Finally, I’ve made it, I’m someone’s significant othersoon to be a mother, if I’m not already.” As the veil is liftedattendees applaud, then noticethe glowing smile or concealed frownthen… Continue Reading “The Long White Gown”


                       1. While I was pleasuring you, Time took flight n’ Life pass’d me by. I should have been searching for a lifetime partner – someone to raise a family with. Instead, I was… Continue Reading “Laments”