Tag: Genocide

Another Wreck

Again they’ve refloated another wreck – Obigbo;shy men of culture with a deep hatredthey consider themselves patriots, statesmen,devout Muslim, intellectuals, earnest Christiansbut they look on with folded hands. That’s why you saw me: massacred in Asaba – ’67,beheaded by fanatics in 2002 as George… Continue Reading “Another Wreck”


The will to power destroys the power to will.The weapon made, we cannot help but use it;it drags us with its own momentum still. The power to kill compounds the need to kill.Grown out of hand, the heart cannot refuse it;the will to power… Continue Reading “Weapon”

About This…

Whistled at by flying British L-29 Delphins, jeered at by sky falling bombs, slashed by vicious mercenary pilots on an “operation” that maim and shred men, women, and children in a twinkle. About this tale, they say DON”T TELL. A mother beats herbare chest… Continue Reading “About This…”