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Dark Clouds

Dark clouds hover over us latelyone of such has cleared – Iberiberism.When we were about to enjoy blue skies again,another cloud sets in – Hopeism. With faith borne out of decades of resiliencein due time this too will clear“How can you be confident about… Continue Reading “Dark Clouds”


Pocket lawyers everywhereRolling out conflicting analysesOf a seeming jurisdictional muddleLilly-livered politicians everywhereAuctioning their oscillating loyaltyLike a piece of cloth in a market stallEmpty minded masses everywhereBlown hither and thither like leavesTanned carton brown by miseryAnd the scorching heat of tyrannyLife is a teacher and… Continue Reading “….everywhere”

Awake n’ Aware

Tread lightly, our Emperor and his band of bear-hugging, praise singing ball-boys that inhabit our house at Cabinet Office bid a final farewell – evicted. Then fresh from victory – hero of ‘people’s vote’ basking in accolade, everyone even men he’d swindle greet’d him… Continue Reading “Awake n’ Aware”