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If Only

I Don’t Want a Marked Pit

Burnt on the pyre or buried to decompose in time whether am all bones or ashes I wish to be laid to rest quietly, peacefully, content, and courteously I don’t want a monument, a headstone or a marked pit. Let my dead bones that… Continue Reading “I Don’t Want a Marked Pit”

Loving Another

His memory hovers over me like fog,in him, I see the beautiful morning mistsurrounding me with love and nostalgia.Tho’ the snows of mountain peaksare warmer than the hearts of grief,yet, I worry that my ‘Chapter two’ loverwill see this impediment as a murky hazethat… Continue Reading “Loving Another”


I was his stepson, not his son and yet Though things were none too easy, I regret That I did little for the one who brought Me up. When, at the end, he sought To put off death’s approach, it was for me. So… Continue Reading “…A KINDLY DEED”

Weep Not For Me

1. Weep not for me, dwelling of my repose monument of my vain hope for immortality now that Life’s swift journey is over my part is done, with open arms make my inanimate clay – an inevitable gain of your purchase welcome. 2. I… Continue Reading “Weep Not For Me”