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Dear Irony

IDear Irony, “Tell me, my goddess.”What numbers have you laid sway?Is it the Wise – who derides Folly?Or the ridiculed who derides his mocker –“In all his insight and contemplative devote he isa maverick proclaiming without any result his knowinglike a parched lost vagabond… Continue Reading “Dear Irony”

I am a Fading Light

A god

A piece of wood or stoneadorned with jewels n’ sprinkled bloodcarved into the shape of a god –the work of human hands. A mouth they have, but cannot speakEyes, but cannot see, ears but can’t hearHands they have, but cannot feelFeet, but cannot walk,… Continue Reading “A god”

Mosquitoes —

By Dianne Moritz Wasting no time for seduction, they move, make the hit. ZZT! They need you like air, blood, and your skin wells red, blotchy … fierce itch a constant reminder. Some men are like mosquitoes. You’re walking down the street on a… Continue Reading “Mosquitoes —”

Offer of Employment

Dear Mr. Efulefu, Followin’ your application, dexterity and outstandin’ performance on the recently conduct’d practical test and oral interview you’re hereby offer’d employment as a MALE REPRODUCTIVE OFFICER (MPO) in our prestigious firm. Your job requirement: ‘to service and impregnate’ over 50 fertile lass… Continue Reading “Offer of Employment”

Her Skirt

Her skirt: bright colour’d, split behind prim half way to the knee. As she sashay down the street before us – Granny and I legs peek out just enough for us to catch a glimpse of flesh. A slight breeze all that stand between… Continue Reading “Her Skirt”

Be Merry

Come! Fill my heart with glee, my lungs with Laughter’s mirth. Let’s be merry while we may Life’s a farthin’, our labour vain Man’s dust – a makin’ of clay. An hour’s span he has to live, till his grave opens to worms’ dine.… Continue Reading “Be Merry”

One, Two, Three

One, Two, Three. You thrust with all your might then it’s over. Why the urgency? Don’t give me two minutes with your fingers twisting at my nipples. Hell, No! That wouldn’t do at all nor will a quick raid on my nether regions. My… Continue Reading “One, Two, Three”