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Good, God!

Good, God! A word was once saidof your persecuted devotees – Christians:“Faith and virtue runs in their tribe”;conmen now man churches, they’vesold your Jesus for a new master – MoneyNaira is now Alpha and Omegacommerce, mega domes n’ elegant altersis now fad – the… Continue Reading “Good, God!”

Men Like Us

Who are these men?Men like us – well mannered,well-traveled and well-educated?Our leaders? The ones who rob the poorwithout a dint of conscience?The ones that keep calling out their sonsto war at the slightest provocation? Who are these men?Men like you, men like me –family… Continue Reading “Men Like Us”


Unannounced, unwelcomed,the doorbell I didn’t ring,and flew the door ajar. Although we refer to eachother as ‘brothers’,ours isn’t the brotherhoodof Stalin or Mao but of Christ. Alone in his officemy pastor and his guest I surprised.Alone in prayers –unbuckled belt, toplessunhooked brassieres, pants down.… Continue Reading “Unannounced”


A toast! To Tope, she sells her maw to bring in rents, her beauty is her freehold – a price for just a fee. An errant daughter we may call her devoid of virtue, loose, a slut, asawo, unknown to us she is our… Continue Reading “A TOAST”