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A Thousand Times

Each time,I find in her a distinct gratification –far better thrill than last time,even though we’ve exhaustedeach other a thousand times.A philanderer knows the ecstasyof having had a thousand dames,once each time, but will never knowwhat gleams in the eyes of old coupleswhen they… Continue Reading “A Thousand Times”


Bliss – last night for a split second,with violent spasms, I couldn’t restrainyou stole my consciousness – I ran wild,I forgot where I was, forgot my nameyou were my drug – dispensed in full,to fulfill your whim – unlaced n’ untamed.In her arms, in… Continue Reading “Bliss”

Tell me, will you?

Women want more interested in intimacy than in sex.

This whole goddam businessof what you call intimacybugs the hell out of me.I wish I can understandplainly what women meanwhen they talk about it. Lizzy complains that I don’t talk,it isn’t talking she wants nor roger‘cos ours is so good; she ain’ttoo quiet during… Continue Reading “Tell me, will you?”

on his lap

She’s Not My Queen

At this ungodly hour her rapt knocks at my treasure trove                      breaths out fire,                                  her urge flush hot.In… Continue Reading “She’s Not My Queen”