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Glad to be called a Teacher!

It’s not my name, thoughBut a title I’ve come to likeSince I use every opportunityTo impart knowledge.I learned this art from Jesus,Who gave up his rest when fatigue disagreedTo quench the thirst of his listeners,Those that followed him wherever he went.Like Jesus, my students… Continue Reading “Glad to be called a Teacher!”

Reading A Diary

Sitting on a wooden shelf uncared for, in a red leather jacket emblazoned “1994”; while at housekeeping she flips its dusty pages, with moving lips but inaudible she read to her fill. “Is that supposed to be me – refrigerator built and shrew?” “No,… Continue Reading “Reading A Diary”

Something New

You may be old n’ grey with trembling anatomy or lie awake at night betray’d by the disorder in your bowl. You may see the world go astray devastated by evil tongues that spread defamation. Learn each day something new. Learn why the world… Continue Reading “Something New”