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Before You Click

Believe me! He is real; but, she doesn’t exist.On your screen, her photo – a deliberate fabricationakin to the menace of malware and Photoshopmanipulated by a jackass in O-Town1 with ill intentis not your moonshot cure to midlife’s loneliness. Her gestures – a sham… Continue Reading “Before You Click”

A Fortnight Today

A fortnight today,they will rationalize their actions –‘Keeping the Peace’and forget what they did. There was no CLAMP DOWN! A fortnight today,their victims would still reminisce;their ordeal they’ll pass on fromfather to child, from siblings to neighbors. There was a CLAMP DOWN! A fortnight… Continue Reading “A Fortnight Today”


You, campaign for themspend time, money andenergy to sell them to othersdefy logical arguments to win votes,bear the brunt of waiting endlessly,under very unfriendly weather conditionsto thumbprint, to bequeath them power. They promise to better your lot,swore by their mother’s graves andvowed to offer… Continue Reading “Partisan”

DNA Father

She is, without doubt, home freethe wife of a ‘greener-pasture-seeker’ overseas –men who have chosen to leavethis country than stay home and pay tithesagainst their will to an episcopal curate – Poverty. With a legitimate ring on her fingerhe has yoked her to his… Continue Reading “DNA Father”


My days are spentsleeping, shopping, preening,driving about town in fancy carsand when inclined, have lavish ballswith girls and friends who have fallen formy made-believe lifestyle and deceit. My nights are spent “working”,hitting the keyboard hard and furious,making video calls and sending spam mailsas if… Continue Reading “Yahoo-boy”

Reading A Diary

Sitting on a wooden shelf uncared for, in a red leather jacket emblazoned “1994”; while at housekeeping she flips its dusty pages, with moving lips but inaudible she read to her fill. “Is that supposed to be me – refrigerator built and shrew?” “No,… Continue Reading “Reading A Diary”


Am a mushroom they keep me in the dark and feed me with trash without protest – without rancor I’ve accepted my fate in this rich and unfruitful garden garbage is good for nourishment darkness essential to my survival. Gardener – am that morel… Continue Reading “Mushroom”