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4 It was the stuff of a satire, were it not painfully true. Nnenne sat silently on a black-spotted Ankara patterned sofa surrounded by chattering friends and coworkers. She and a handful of friends at Lolo’s urging – her childhood friend and workmate, had… Continue Reading “A PASSAGE FOR NNENNE”

Orange Room

In her striptease, wornas inept as a mini without panties;in this orange room – a private lounge,stereo blasting, teenagers barely legal –serving sparkling wine, topless n’ carefree.Illuminated on the neon podiumher body oscillating to Fela’s Afrobeatshe took prisoners effortlessly by her –swaying luscious hips,… Continue Reading “Orange Room”


Don’t, don’t take me to the dance floor,my passion is too charged with energyit will electrocute you. Don’t lend my hand or heart to a rival;you will never get it back,trust me. I don’t offer soothing words rathera love acquired at great anguish,at a… Continue Reading “Completely”