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First Kiss

He pulled her faceto invade her spacehe was close, so close,for the first time, courage rosein him, unlike gone days n’ nightsof wishful thinking, of aborted biddingsher mouth, his lips, wet n’ redso very, very, very wet, spreadover hers to feed starving lips –their… Continue Reading “First Kiss”


Thanks to my wife, family, and friends for the many gifts of love, support, and appreciation. For taking the time – to regularly read us or visit this site, we are immensely grateful to you for the time you have invested in reading what… Continue Reading “Busted”

Full Measure

Love Is a Child

Love is a child; it beliefs fairy tales –pleasantries, fantasies, and happy endings.Love is a believer; it blots out reasoninflicts its wounds with unfathomable sensibilityafoot, light-headed it condones deceits’ daring –you can make a man out of an ape.A Rake; can be reformed to… Continue Reading “Love Is a Child”


I wish I had known betterat tender years,we laughed together didn’t meanwe laughed for the same reason.I have paid the price –so many unseen tears, many wet pillowsaltho’ both are born to unlike clime:Men n’ Women, Love n’ DeceitI have promised myselfI’ll not ask… Continue Reading “Hello”

Then & Now

My Lonely Pillow

Oh! My lonely – lonely – lonely Pillow!My head droops o’er you like the willow. Where is my love – my lover?Is it her my dreary dreams discover? Must my head ache where her gentle brow lay?While long nights sail lovelessly and slowly. Oh!… Continue Reading “My Lonely Pillow”


Rancor n’ acrimony,envy n’ jealously,quarreling n’ cursingclamps her in an embrace. She’s a captive –a willing devotee then,an unwilling convert nowshe has thrown her heart to wedlock. What convinced her or her likesof this affection, this sparky affairtoxic to its recipient n’ its bearerI… Continue Reading “SBS”

2 am

2 am; wild awake, in this vast house possessed with echoes, I can hear still your words in the stillness of the night. On this empty bed loneliness now dwell where you took my innocence, I now recount our affair – loud and fierce.… Continue Reading “2 am”

Beyond Harmattan

Beyond Harmattan’s cold in December If we had an evening to spend – alone Would we enjoy bottles of Laughter’s wine, You weaving me into your arms, I in your bosom? Would you savor my lips with your velvet pout as I taste ‘ts… Continue Reading “Beyond Harmattan”