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If Only

Love Is a Child

Love is a child; it beliefs fairy tales –pleasantries, fantasies, and happy endings.Love is a believer; it blots out reasoninflicts its wounds with unfathomable sensibilityafoot, light-headed it condones deceits’ daring –you can make a man out of an ape.A Rake; can be reformed to… Continue Reading “Love Is a Child”

Jane to Jean


Dear Dibay, With the most anxious of hearts I – a congenital admirer of yours humbly tender this supplication for the fulfillment of the Cupid desires of my heart that has reached the end of its endurance. Ever since you were conceived in my… Continue Reading “LETTER TO DIBAY”

I Love You

I I recall your soft lips’ touch on mine its sweet tongue and pleasures given. This I couldn’t resist but relish still as I write this verse I can’t say – “I love you”. II Those fancy words can hardly tell what my half-ripe… Continue Reading “I Love You”