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Is There Anything Sweeter?

Is there anything sweeter than these hours of love,when we’re together, and my heart races?For what is better than embracing and fondlingwhen you visit me, and we surrender to delights? If you reach to caress my thigh,I will offer you my breast also —it’s… Continue Reading “Is There Anything Sweeter?”

My Flower

A Poor Lil Ole Country Boy


When my skirt was torn, I gasped in fearThe last shed of my dignity laidSolemnly on the floor having paidA plea; willing the beast in between your legs to hearThe angry inferno from your long exhaust pipe to douseWhere my tears have failed to… Continue Reading “Broken”

Stay Away


Once that babe, Ada loved me till I thought my heart was gonna burst used to spend in her embraces nights of passion, nights of lust. All because she indulged me with those laughing lips of hers all because she had offerings of what… Continue Reading “Ada”

She’s Not My Queen

At this ungodly hour her rapt knocks at my treasure trove                      breaths out fire,                                  her urge flush hot.In… Continue Reading “She’s Not My Queen”