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MIDLIFE – A Collection of Poems (3)

Flipping the Script A fortnight,Like his siblings before himMy youngest son will be leaving homeTo lead a life of his cravingMy father, my aunts, my cousinsToo many dear friends are deadI’m on calcium pills to saveMy wasting bones from Osteoporosis –A last-ditch effort to… Continue Reading “MIDLIFE – A Collection of Poems (3)”

A Thousand Times

Each time,I find in her a distinct gratification –far better thrill than last time,even though we’ve exhaustedeach other a thousand times.A philanderer knows the ecstasyof having had a thousand dames,once each time, but will never knowwhat gleams in the eyes of old coupleswhen they… Continue Reading “A Thousand Times”

Take Courage

Welcome To Matrimony

Welcome to Matrimony hope you enjoy your stay while it lasts be happy, be yourself, be truthful 10 years from now we’ll be celebrating an anniversary, hope not a divorce. Did you bring that cherished gift newlyweds clamour for or has it been given… Continue Reading “Welcome To Matrimony”

My Daughter

When all is said and done this exhaustin’ drama to make an adult out of an infant over. This is what it comes to – my daughter is not my daughter. A most grateful child she is seem not to have forgottenher native tongue… Continue Reading “My Daughter”