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Threefold Cord

Full Measure

The Long White Gown

It says a lot – this long white gown;Straight, fully flowing, A-Lined maybe Fit n’ Flare.“Finally, I’ve made it, I’m someone’s significant othersoon to be a mother, if I’m not already.” As the veil is liftedattendees applaud, then noticethe glowing smile or concealed frownthen… Continue Reading “The Long White Gown”


Someone tapped on my panehe was either a neighbour or guestbut all I saw was a reflection in pain;the man in the window-glass professed:“Remember Matthew 7:12, chum!” Untidy bed, in repose, eyes vain,breasts spread, legs slayed – another man’s zest.My conscience resonates, telling me:… Continue Reading “MATTHEW 7:12”

Beyond Harmattan

Beyond Harmattan’s cold in December If we had an evening to spend – alone Would we enjoy bottles of Laughter’s wine, You weaving me into your arms, I in your bosom? Would you savor my lips with your velvet pout as I taste ‘ts… Continue Reading “Beyond Harmattan”

Baby Mama

Beware! She’s sassy, smart and scheming. Those winsome smiles are decoys armed with ensnaring visage. Those licentious dances of curved flesh throwing themselves into tempting postures are only potent assaults to your senses. She seeks not a lover or a marriage mate, but a… Continue Reading “Baby Mama”