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Unannounced, unwelcomed,the doorbell I didn’t ring,and flew the door ajar. Although we refer to eachother as ‘brothers’,ours isn’t the brotherhoodof Stalin or Mao but of Christ. Alone in his officemy pastor and his guest I surprised.Alone in prayers –unbuckled belt, toplessunhooked brassieres, pants down.… Continue Reading “Unannounced”

Mosquitoes —

By Dianne Moritz Wasting no time for seduction, they move, make the hit. ZZT! They need you like air, blood, and your skin wells red, blotchy … fierce itch a constant reminder. Some men are like mosquitoes. You’re walking down the street on a… Continue Reading “Mosquitoes —”

Welcome To Matrimony

Welcome to Matrimony hope you enjoy your stay while it lasts be happy, be yourself, be truthful 10 years from now we’ll be celebrating an anniversary, hope not a divorce. Did you bring that cherished gift newlyweds clamour for or has it been given… Continue Reading “Welcome To Matrimony”

Reading A Diary

Sitting on a wooden shelf uncared for, in a red leather jacket emblazoned “1994”; while at housekeeping she flips its dusty pages, with moving lips but inaudible she read to her fill. “Is that supposed to be me – refrigerator built and shrew?” “No,… Continue Reading “Reading A Diary”

Born Again

Papa is born againthis new spirit in him – crinkled eyes, fading skinbald-head, graying side-burnsis dogged. Many thirty-year olds or even less are responsive like Lydia was to Paul this good news – Money, Power and Confidence which were elusive at tender years. Difficult… Continue Reading “Born Again”

She’s Not My Queen

At this ungodly hour her rapt knocks at my treasure trove                      breaths out fire,                                  her urge flush hot.In… Continue Reading “She’s Not My Queen”

One, Two, Three

One, Two, Three. You thrust with all your might then it’s over. Why the urgency? Don’t give me two minutes with your fingers twisting at my nipples. Hell, No! That wouldn’t do at all nor will a quick raid on my nether regions. My… Continue Reading “One, Two, Three”