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Wait Not

Wait not, fond lovershe’d not give a waiverwho took your placefind yourself another,let your memories bank not on me;your fantasies are free to roam. Wait not, fond lovershe – I dwell now inher river like a fish;she’s a taunting schemerthat wouldn’t unshackleor make me… Continue Reading “Wait Not”


I did all I couldwith what I was given –my talents, my lyrics. I lived by the codemy creed was real; my gifts evidentI harnessed it – chapter n’ verse; I was here to give lightto Hope, to make certainin meek ways, a mortal… Continue Reading “Retrospect”


My thoughts sit alone upon a stilein blaze and breeze, in sober and sorrowvanishing moment by moment, fadinguntil to my gaze, you were a spot;unintended you stole the smile I had longhid inside – the one I was saving for you. Am in reminiscent… Continue Reading “AFUZE”