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I hold no gun ….

I hold no gun or cannon,tho’ its pointed nozzleis deadly – more lethal.Its din echoing the human speechlays conquest tyrants n’ emperors,liberating captives n’ frozen minds.It challenges the authority of regimesn’ the ignorance of religion n’ tradition.I hold no gun or cannon,but a pen.… Continue Reading “I hold no gun ….”

Long Live The Page

Long live the Page and People of the book!Good people they’re who make texts doctrinesof law and regulations, authors authority, supreme beings of the intellectual world they’re. I can’t imagine their giving up readin’ nor the rationality found in print’d pagesthan I can ideate lightin’a… Continue Reading “Long Live The Page”



O Muse! Fill me with love and care award me your insight without err lead me to your treasures, which I humbly sought that more songs I’d then be taught by sheddin’ your fair voice to this feeble song. Take me to places where… Continue Reading “Muse”

My Nib

My nib is incensed my fingers eloquent; they never sleep all they do is sweat. They shout what Autocracy calls forbidden values They limn what speech censors tag unapologetically dirty thoughts, since they must decipher at shut doors the secret codes of a treacherous… Continue Reading “My Nib”

What’s A Poem?

What’s a poem? Is it witty word play, phrases or sentences that are stripped prose meant to be insightful, arrayed in stanzas and verses, that at times its theme seem puzzling or incomprehensible to a reader? – Yes, but not this alone.

Spill Words

Restlessly, relentlessly I roam in the dark unable to sleep, too excited by thoughts in my heart and head.