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Grass Snake

Had there been no green in him one would not have thoughtHim to have been envenomed, but starting back from theDarting of this virid twister, one forgets at leastFor a moment that there is no question of his virulence here.His color is drawn from… Continue Reading “Grass Snake”


Harmattan Came

Morning gripped the city in a coldin its mist, dry out of temper wind blewstinging skin, nostrils, and throatin every home, fires were kindledstirred and stoked with lean woodshunting away chills that pierce the bonesof old and young who gathered around it.Low-hanging clouds dribbled… Continue Reading “Harmattan Came”


Do not get used to miracles,But always be amazed!Do not get used to the heavens’ lightBut drink it with your gaze! Look closer at the fleeting clouds,Listen to songbirds tweeting,Stoop down and take a drink from streams,For nought will be repeated. At every instant,… Continue Reading “Instant”


Go placidly amid the noise and haste remember there is peace in silence embraced. As far as it depends on you stall, be peaceable, be in good terms with all. Speak truth to all, listen to others interrogatories, even the dull and ignorant have… Continue Reading “DESIDERATA”


If colors come in flowers I’ll choose Hibiscus If Friendship comes in colors I’ll Rainbow If Integrity is a tree I’ll prefer Iroko If Dignity comes in shapes I’ll wish a Circle If Freedom comes in words I’ll opt a Dictionary If Secrets are… Continue Reading “If”

My Confession

I confess with great curiosityto Nature’s intrigue and intricacyperceived in Creation’s creative workswhich I descriptive words totally lack.How could the sing-songs of a cockherald the dawn of a new day?Ants – in so harmony a pattern workyet without a president or king?How!? Celestial bodies… Continue Reading “My Confession”


Awaken, O East! Bring forth your fairest maiden and bath morning tide with golden gleam display the hills with verdure bright. And as your golden light retiresbring me those hours I love bestwhen Dusk her voluptuous daughter sets wildgently stripping away this silent moment.… Continue Reading “Twilight”

I Love You

I I recall your soft lips’ touch on mine its sweet tongue and pleasures given. This I couldn’t resist but relish still as I write this verse I can’t say – “I love you”. II Those fancy words can hardly tell what my half-ripe… Continue Reading “I Love You”

Blessed Queen

O steadfast glowing Queen! As you outshine all stars Another day of little worth To some yet very dear to many Is again about to die. Look down tonight and pace Over our clime in glamour Thro’ Morn’s eyes will sit starring Vainly at… Continue Reading “Blessed Queen”