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Firm as a rock our noble martyrs stood unbending as a rod of tempered steel foreseeing the agony we (now) must feel they Necessity permitted to ignite War’s wood. Dying because they wish’d to maintain right “Strife rule in places and lands of boastful… Continue Reading “Martyrs”

About This…

Whistled at by flying British L-29 Delphins, jeered at by sky falling bombs, slashed by vicious mercenary pilots on an “operation” that maim and shred men, women, and children in a twinkle. About this tale, they say DON”T TELL. A mother beats herbare chest… Continue Reading “About This…”

Butcher Boys

9am, January of ‘66the devil in that mob was real.A coup of 5 Majors – a plotby ambitious Igbos of the Eastto dismantle democracy – a disguise. With matchsticks and gasoline, machetes and daggers lootin’, slittin’ guts, burnin’ homes choppin’ off limbs, dissectin’ wombs… Continue Reading “Butcher Boys”