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Before You Click

Believe me! He is real; but, she doesn’t exist.On your screen, her photo – a deliberate fabricationakin to the menace of malware and Photoshopmanipulated by a jackass in O-Town1 with ill intentis not your moonshot cure to midlife’s loneliness. Her gestures – a sham… Continue Reading “Before You Click”

Orange Room

In her striptease, wornas inept as a mini without panties;in this orange room – a private lounge,stereo blasting, teenagers barely legal –serving sparkling wine, topless n’ carefree.Illuminated on the neon podiumher body oscillating to Fela’s Afrobeatshe took prisoners effortlessly by her –swaying luscious hips,… Continue Reading “Orange Room”

OWERRI, 1968

[A story told by my mother] This city will again be a beautiful landscapeFrom war’s wreckage rent and rivenOur son’s massacre, our daughter’s rapeWe’ll ne’er forget nor will our will give in. Their spiteful raids – Haruna’s* mayhem,The ravages his gang of barbarians wroughtLike… Continue Reading “OWERRI, 1968”


1. It’s late, long late night is quiet n’ still, streets empty but naught here at 40:40 Junction. Too boisterous for the hour odd for a Sunday night sleep only comes here at dawn. Indifferent – drown’d in each other’s voice girls of different… Continue Reading “40:40”